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5 Types of Party Mix Chips Healthy After School Snacks

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Listed are five party mix chips and healthy after school snacks that find the perfect balance of great taste and are suitable for you. There are many ways to improve your day by having more nutritional options. It can range from crunch to crisp, but you will love the options there are for you either way. Below are brands that provide the many choices of healthy after-school party mixes and specialty treats.

Gardetto's Snack Mix

Gardetto's healthy snacks near me in Hampton roads, are a great way to start after-school snacking with the delicious crunch and savory flavor. Each bite of these gets better between the next. The bold flavor brings it all together with these snacks. They have been around for a long time; no wonder I can see why. I always like treating myself to a few handfuls of these delectable munchies after some homework.

Some Thins Chips
Some Thins Gourmet Chips


Some Thins Gourmet Potato Chips

Some Thins is the first gourmet chips company that hand blends their seasoning from scratch. They have a variety pack of chips for your party mix chips for perfect healthy after school snacks. Moreover, they don't make their chips the traditional way but use a par boil process with overnight soaking in water. Some Thins chips process allows the starch to be removed and fry the potatoes crisp and much more efficiently. Therefore, the oil sweats itself out, leaving little residue inside the chips. Please visit the Gourmet Shop to see our full selection.

Utz Party Mix

Utz party mix is a classic in every sense. Utz has a mix that is a great combination of cheese crunchies, tortilla chips, bbq corn chips, pretzels, and nachos. I can only describe this as a great relaxing way to enjoy a snack before coming home to hold you over for dinner. Additionally, it gives you enough energy to do some chores before it gets too late.

Frito Lay Flavor Mix Variety

One of the reasons I like Frito lay is because of the number of products they have and how tasty they all are. Frito lay has a variety of chips, including Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, Lays, and Funyuns. I used to love opening a bag of Cheetos soon as I come off the school bus. However, this variety pack allows you to choose what kind of snack you want, so the possibilities are plenteous, and many come in a 54-bag case.

Chex Mix

I can't leave this one off the list. The iconic Chex mix blend is such a delicious party mix of chips and after-school snacks that if you haven't had any, I recommend you try it as soon as possible. The Chex is in a bag with rye chips, pretzels, and my favorite, the bread sticks. Of course, I could eat the breadsticks if they were the only thing in the bag, but I see why this is an American classic.

These are the five ways you can enjoy your party mix chips and healthy after school snacks. The possibilities are endless! I hope you have enjoyed reading these examples and are ready to munch on your favorites. I am a huge fan of all of them; no matter which one you go with; they are all great choices.

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