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4 Popular Snack Store Near me in Hampton Roads you need to see.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

The perfect snack store near me is just around the corner! Hampton Roads has so much to offer and makes for a great location to stop and shop for your favorite homemade treats. Listed below are four stores in the Hampton Roads area where you can find and buy any snacks near me or treats to fulfill the pantry and also keep something in the house for everyone to pick on.

snack stores near me
Virgnia Gourmet

Virginia Gourmet

Located in Williamsburg Virginia this shop has been around for a long time and for good reasons. There are many selections in this niche and unique store ranging from baked goods to homemade jams and jellies. The salsas are all Virginia-based companies, and they have all flavors from a regular mild salsa, black and white bean, jalapeno, and a fiery habanero which has a cranberry flavor infused with the boldness of the habanero giving it a sweet flavor to counter the hotness. Lime Mango is always a great choice, and a classic pineapple is also an option in the salsa department.

Whitley’s peanuts have been around for a long time established in 1986 they are a staple in the Virginia Gourmet store. Their flavors come in so many varieties but at this location, you can find Whit’s Party Mix Chips, peanuts, almonds, cashews, sweet and savory BBQ, salt and pepper, and the classic Chesapeake Bay crab seasoning. The snack section wouldn’t be complete without Route 11 Potato Chips. These gourmet chips are so crunchy and delicious packed with great flavor and are a sure way to snack on during a long day at work or the relaxing during the weekend. Habanero Mama Zumas revenge is loaded with heat and spice for the adventurous and of course, they have the classic salt and fun flavors like dill pickles.

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Finleys General Store

Finley’s General Store

Finley’s is located in Carrolton Virginia about 10 minutes after crossing the James River Bridge. They have local baked goods here such as homemade fudge and other hard candies made by Virginia-based companies. This is definitely worth the trip because they carry so many homemade goods for your pantry as well as the rest of the house with unique decorations and homemade snacks you get the best of both worlds when stopping by Finley’s. Having a snack store near me that’s in a rural direction is a nice way to get out and take a nice drive on a beautiful day to pick up my local snacks and support local businesses. They carry Some Thins Gourmet Potato Chips which is the only potato chips company located in the Hampton Roads area. They specialize in gourmet chips and offer all their flavors at Finley’s.

The salt, house blend, sour cream and onion, and crab seasoning. I highly recommend scheduling a visit to Finley’s gourmet shop and seeing their whole selection of local snacks.

Games Farmers Market
Games Farmers Market

Games Farmers Market

This snack store near me has been in business for a few decades and has no point in slowing down. A locally owned establishment Game’s is located in Newport News right off of Harpersville Road. They have local honey that is made in the neighboring city of Suffolk and local pecans that come shelled and unshelled. They also make the perfect gifts for anyone who likes trying local items that you can only find in the snack stores around the area. Games has a huge selection to pick from when it comes to local products in the snack department that you would think that you are in a large grocery store. At the end of the day, Game’s does carry everything a grocery store has but takes pride in carrying local snacks from local businesses.

Soul Of The Bowl
Soul Of The Bowl

Soul of The Bowl

Soul of The Bowl is in Virginia Beach off of Lynnhaven Dr. They have healthy bowls and an assortment of ways for you to put together a tasty, fresh, homemade snack. First, you have to choose your base which can be acai, dragon fruit, mango pineapple, or an assorted sorbet. Then add up to three layers to the base with frozen options of acai, dragon fruit, green genie, and any kind of sorbet. There is also a non-frozen choice of chai pudding, jams, fresh fruit, oats and honey, and nonfat Greek yogurt. The last step is to add your toppings to your bowl and that can be fresh fruit apples, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mango, and oranges. You can pick nuts, seeds, and dry fruit with granola, shaves almonds, flax seeds, toasted coconuts, cranberries, cashews, etc. This is a great snack store near me to have so I can try something different and still enjoy a beautiful day at the beach right after seeing it is not far from the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Taking a trip out to this store is worth it and will make you feel good about snacking more healthily.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to enjoy a local snack store near me in the Hampton Roads Area all have something unique and stand out in their own way with the products they carry. I love the fact I can take a short trip to any of these places and support the local businesses that are offered around me. Snacks are a part of our lives pretty much daily and supporting our local stores is always a plus so let's find a new fresh way to make snacking of the highest quality with these stores.

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