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Authentic Family Gourmet Chips

"Some Thins Better Than Nothin"

© 2022 Some Thins 

Why Some Thins Gourmet Potato Chip Company?

Made From Scratch 

Made In Small Batches 

Made Crispy  

Made for Togetherness

gourmet chips

 Artisan Potato Party Mix Chips Flavors

Light Salted 

House Blend (salt, pepper, garlic, onion)

Crab (homemade old bay)

Sour Cream Onion (homemade mix)

About Us

Welcome Chip Lover! Here at Some Thins where we want to give you a new, fresh, innovative, electrifying take on the classic potato chip.  We are located in Newport News, Virginia and are a small business that specializes in gourmet products.  Every flavor is seasoned to perfection and is made with our homemade seasonings giving you options so you can find out which will be your favorite!  If you are looking for healthy snacks near me, remember, Some Thins better than nothing! 

For more information see our events in Hampton Roads this weekend

How We Make Them

  1. Hand peel the potatoes 

  2. Cut them in half

  3. Hand Slice them on the mandolin

  4. Soak the slices in cold water

  5. Par boil slices for 10 minutes

  6. Put slices back in cold water to soak overnight

  7. Cook them to perfection

  8. Season them with our homemade blends

  9. Bag and seal

*Cooked In Small Batches*

With this process, they come out very light, crispy, and airy, with minimal oil residue.  Snack with us during movie night, after sports games, or while the kids play their favorite video games with their new favorite chips!  We currently feature 4 flavors: Lightly Salt, House Blend, Sour Cream & Onion, and Crab.  Later on, we will introduce Salt & Vinegar and a home blended BBQ.  Learn more at Some Thins Gourmet Shop.


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Where Can You Find Us?
Yorktown Beach Farmers Market. If you are interested in finding more healthy snacks near me, view my snack food blog. 

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